Thursday, October 9, 2014

Be Brave.


This is why I love the business God has gifted to me.  This is a picture of my best encourager and sweet  friend Lisa's daugther's room.  Molly has the coolest style so it's an honor to be on her wall, and I love the way Lisa knows how to encourage her daughter- BE BRAVE.  It's a legacy that Lisa is passing on to her daughters and all that know her.  She knows just exactly how to speak to my soul when I need encouragement in using my gifts.

She bought these at Loot Vintage Market- an event she cheered me to do.  She also is the woman behind my best selling sign.  Yeah, this Beastie Boys inspired one- I like my sugar with coffee & cream.  This example below was used in this awesome vignette by my talented friend Tiffany from decoRevolution! She also cheers me on to keep going when I feel like business has taken the joy out of my creativity.  This beauty below could have never happened without Tiffany and Lisa.

Lisa totally is the brains behind her amazingly personalized Subway Art Birthday/Anniversary/Birthplace Dresser.  All members of their family are represented in these dates and places.  Honored that Lisa thought I could make this happen.  I wasn't sure, but she didn't give up on me.

I'm so thankful for my friends who tell me to BE BRAVE, pushing me to try what I don't think I can accomplish.  They are sent from heaven! And so are all my loyal readers

I'm on this train of thought for a reason: this is what I strive to do in your homes- give you a reason to remember that this life is good.  Whether that be with a laugh or encouragement, that's what Howdy Honey style is all about.

Stay tuned for the anticipated re-opening of the Etsy shop, a recap of Loot Vintage Market, and a few BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Whipping Up Handmade Goodness for LOOT Vintage Market

It's been quiet on the blog here lately.  Our family has had a crazy fun summer, but it had its curve balls to boot (like that concussion I'm still recovering from).  Just wanted to give a quick shout this week so you can see what in the world is being created around these parts.

Right now all efforts are going toward LOOT Vintage Market in Fort Worth, Texas 
September 26-28 at Texas Motor Speedway.  The Etsy shop is temporarily shut down as Howdy Honey prepares for this amazing opportunity.

Here's one of my new faves.  I love it so much, I'm keeping one myself.  These letters are about 15" high, so it makes for an amazing eye catcher in your kitchen or dining room. After LOOT, I'll add it to the shop in time for you to get one before Thanksgiving.

BE BRAVE will show up in a variety of colors, but this one is the current fave.

Here is another group of tribal beauties that are coming along.  They just need to be framed.

Chalkboards, reclaimed pallet arrows, a few seasonal things, kitchen decor, stuff for your gallery wall.  It's been a lot of fun to crank out these creations.  As we step into full gear, you might get one more post on the blog as we prepare, so be sure to keep up on Instagram found below.  Here's a poster for you to share and link to buy a ticket to the event which will include shopping all 3 days with all the jury picked vendors, a fashion show a concert, and a movie and other amenities.

Don't miss it! Here's where you can 

Keep up, Honey!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mark Your Calendars for LOOT Vintage Market at Texas Motor Speedway

We are very excited to have a spot at the AMAZING jury selected LOOT Vintage Market!
Our spot will be inside one of the NASCAR garages, and there will be vendors set up outdoors, too! Live music, fashion show, photo booth, outdoor movie theatre! YES PLEASE!

Mark your calendar for this event, and let me know if you're coming! I've been working hard behind the scenes on lots of new signs and other goodies.  Follow on Instagram for the very first peek of what Howdy Honey will be bringing along!

LOOT Vintage Market

September 26 - 28
Texas Motor Speedway

Planning on coming? Questions? Don't be afraid to leave a comment!

Keep up, Honey!
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bringing Colors You Love Into Your Home with decoRevolution

I am gonna give you a look at my kitchen today that you haven't seen before. GASP! I don't have a Viking stove or stainless steel appliances, and I have white Formica counter tops and linoleum floors.  I do have a love for color, and that trumps my cookie-cutter-builder-grade home.  I am not ashamed of my home looking like the same house with a different color brick.  Ain't a house in the neighborhood that looks just like mine, so let's stop with the shaming of ourselves and others who are blessed with the mess of a cookie cutter.  I mean, if that's financially scandalous, so be it!

Investing in things you will enjoy for a long time is an art.  It's an art you master over time.  The best way to know what kinds of items will work for you is to notice what colors you pin over and over and over.  For me, I love turquoise and bright orange together.  The below purchases in those colors were made 3 years apart, but they look like they were made for each other! The Ikea knives repeat my love of those colors.  It's starting to all come together.

The towel was my husband's smart Christmas purchase from Anthropologie.  The vintage Club Dutch Oven in Aqua was an emotional purchase (that is a rarity for me- like once a decade) I made at 2:45 AM on eBay while doing some research for a sign I am going to paint.  It was half the price of other offerings of the same one on Etsy.  It is just like the one my Nana Virginia cooked EVERYTHING I ate as a child except hers was avocado green.  This happy mail arrived today, and I can't wait to cook something slow and low in that!

Here is another example of where I used turquoise and orange together.  Notice two other colors present in both pictures? It's our friends black and white! If you have watched enough HGTV, you'll know that black and white grounds wild colors.

A boho girl like me loves the whole rainbow of primary colors.  You'll see this when I share my full kitchen.  After 8 years of wear and tear, I'll be repainting my cabinets and walls.  Can't wait to share some of that with you, but right now I have a concussion and can't do the work.  BOO! Would you believe a water slide sucker punched me on the side of my head? I'm so dizzy that I can't walk a straight line, much less paint one.

Right now I want to introduce you to a sweet friend named Tiffany Wills of decoRevolution! I love her because she also loves color the way I do.  And the girl can work a paint and wax brush, let me tell ya!

Where do we start???? How about the deep red of this coffee station with a deep walnut top? If I had this in my house I would drink hot chocolate year round even in Texas.  I would invite friends over for coffee even though I don't drink it myself.

The red tray with amazingly colored cups.  THIS is how you use color people.  How about that sugar tin?

By the way this beautiful coffee station is for sale, so go fan the decoRevolution Facebook Page and tell Tiffany you want to buy it.  I know you notice the Howdy Honey sign in the back.  She did it justice, and am blown away seeing it in context.

THIS.  Oh my goodness.  I can't even get over all this.  Can you believe how she coordinates the orange and blues with THAT buffet and THAT rug? The woman is a GENIUS! But what I know about her is that she is very purposeful in picking things.  She finds inspiration in many places, but she doesn't splurge all at once.  This is a turtle race.  This is a shopping other rooms until you've made something that makes design sense of all your good taste thing.  You just can't shop a catalog and get this kind of comfort.  This comes from Tiffany's experience of knowing what she likes and sticking to it.  Tiffany likes color.  Tiffany grounds her love for color with black and white.  The results are beautiful.

You have got to follow decoRevolution for more of this goodness right here.  Inspiration and eye candy for days!!! Like this:


Keep up, Honey!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Alamo, Gulf Coast, and Vintage Color Inspiration

It's hard to fathom that the Spanish came upon this land in 1691.  The missions in San Antonio date back to 1718.  For Texans, it's unique to have something so rich in history in the middle of a city.  It really is a wonder! My kids have been obsessed with it the last year.

While we were in San Antonio, my brother took us to the coolest place for breakfast.  My favorite wall inside Green at the Historic Pearl Brewery was their use of repurposed light fixtures.

Don't you love it?!?!? I love the color combinations.  It gives me a real feel how to use my two favorite colors together.  I keep imagining all the discarded treasures that I could paint to do a grouping like this.

Oh! And check out the space Green calls home. This is a renovated brewery two shakes of a lamb's tail from downtown San Antonio that hosts a farmer's market, retail, restaurants, and events.

On to the Gulf Coast! Check out the beautiful colors of the houses on Crystal Beach.

I don't know about you, but I'm all inspired to bring some color into my house.  In fact, by total accident, I somehow fumbled onto the idea of searching for a bright colored dutch oven like my Nana used to cook up a storm.  Her food always tasted better.  She said it was because people are in to big of a hurry.  She would make a giant pot of macaroni and cheese or cook up some dewberries for cobbler.  And now this sweet pleasure is on it's way to my kitchen!

I got this vintage Club 4.5 quart Dutch Oven for $25.  That's a steal.  I always wanted a La Crueset because of the pop of color they bring to a kitchen (and the ability to cook up a storm)! I am content with this eBay find.  I have a little kitchen reno brewing, so stay tuned for the goodness.  Where do you find color inspiration?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday: Style Inspiration at The Nesting Place and Domain XCIV

Welcome to Wanderlust Wednesday: a look at where Howdy Honey has been this week.

Children of the 80s know the climatic moment in the Reading Rainbow theme where the woman sings, "I can go ANYWHERE!" Well, I went to a place of peace reading The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith in two short sessions last week.  It is unlike any home decor read ever.  You absolutely have to read it.  I went somewhere in my heart in those pages that resonated with my goal- to make my home and help others make their homes a place where others experience freedom.

Myquillyn's unique voice brings an honesty that goes into a new frontier- recounting her journey of discontent that women can experience that really can poison a home until she brings you to a place where you have a coming to Jesus with your own discontent.  Rather than a book of very specific impossible suggestions and tutorials, The Nesting Place kindles a love for imperfection with what's available to you.  This book will remain on my coffee table, and my heart will reference it often when it goes out of focus again.  It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Our second Wanderlust Wednesday destination is Domain XCIV (say "Domain 94" [you're welcome from your Latin Honor Society member]) a decor shop in downtown Fort Worth.  I was on the hunt for a particular something, and Domain XCIV happens to be a retailer.  More on that in a minute.  First, let's talk about the feast for the eyes.  The styling is of this armoire is dreamy! I'll be on the hunt for some beautiful vintage blue jugs now to mix in with my own vintage books.  The height of this space is brought to full glory with the clock and armoire.  And the red chairs! What a fun punch of color.

I love the dimension and scale of this wall.  It's shouting COPY ME PLEASE! The peacock colored dresser is truly gorgeous, especially against the black wall.  Notice the use of the mirrored frames and light from the candles and lamps as a way to bring life to the space.  The black backdrop does not bring a loss of scale like people used to presume dark colors would.

I'm a sucker for this blue.  I have considered painting the big dresser in my master bedroom this color for years.  This might have sealed the deal.  It's a totally different style, but that's not important to copy. What begs to be replicated in this room is the use of color with the dresser against the chair, the repetition in the wall gallery, and the herringbone patterned floor.  LOVE!

So, the real reason I came to Domain XCIV was to get my hands on some paint I have been yearning to try- Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint.  I will do a whole post on this amazing stuff! I bought this lovely red called "Charm School" that was begging to be an accent color in our boho chic living room makeover.

Isn't it DREAMY? I do have to point out how I'm embracing the imperfection since reading The Nesting Place.  I'm not tempted in the least to paint over this end table due to the crayon markings you see.  We live here.  By the way, the end table you see was painted awhile back, and I haven't revealed this room because it's not finished.  It's the slow decorating principal come to life.

I'm so thankful you shared a piece of your day here at Howdy Honey.  Please don't be a wallflower! A comment would make my day!  If you'd rather speak up on Instagram or Facebook, you'll find the links  in the right column.

Keep up, Honey!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

15 Eye Catching Coffee Tables that Won't Break the Bank

Howdy friends! I was asked by Hometalk to curate a board on coffee tables, and I am thrilled to share with you some amazing eye candy that won't break the bank.  If you are new to Hometalk, they are a wonderful site for lovers of home design and DIY for professionals and non-professionals alike.  You can pin projects to a board like the one I've curated and even ask questions on how to the whole community on how to accomplish your next project.

I've named my board 15 Eye Catching Coffee Tables that Won't Break the Bank.  The overall style of these coffee tables is BOHO CHIC with a TEXAS TWANG (the signature Howdy Honey look breaks out of the monotony of big box furniture store groupings into a style that looks like somebody has been on a treasure hunt).

Speaking of treasure hunt, you'll find my curbside coffee table on my Hometalk board. My friend Minnie picked it up off the curb of her street, saving it from the garbage truck in the nick of time.  Oh, and it had BIRD POOP and scratches like it had been in a pit full of demons before this makeover.  So, if you keep your eye out on bulk trash pick up day, you might find a gem like this coffee table for the cost of paint!

Head on over to the 15 Eye Catching Coffee Tables that Won't Break the Bank board to see all of the coffee table ideas you'll want to steal.  Here's a little peek...

If you are new to Howdy Honey, welcome! I'd love to have you follow along.  You can subscribe via email on the right hand side, and all the social media links are just below this post.  Be sure to comment to tell me which idea you loved the most! If you would like to see more living room ideas, more ideas are coming your way in the coming weeks including a TV gallery wall.  

Another way to keep up with me is my Hometalk profile here.

Thanks to Hometalk for the opportunity curate this board.  It was such fun!

Keep up, Honey! 

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