Friday, April 6, 2012

Front Porch Decor- Give it a PuNCH in 4 easy steps!

Here's my best outdoor decor tip: the best way to add curb appeal to your home is to drive the eye to the front door.  Here are a few ways to give your front porch a PuNCH! 

1.  Create a wreath.  

The colorful rosette wreath above can be made CHEAP! Use a plain grapevine wreath that can be purchased at your local craft store as the base.  You can use old t-shirts and fabric scraps to make rosettes that you can hot glue into place.  You cannot do this wrong! Need a rosette tutorial?

Check out this wonderful rosette how-to by  Jessica from Cherry Street Cottage.
I just love how she explains it in a video AND in pictures.


2. Hang some art.


This cross is made of wood, and the black is a nice neutral against the white siding.  Using black and white with a bright color palette ties the entire color scheme together.  For your art piece to be effective, it needs to be the right scale.  Also, we aren't just hanging art to clutter up space... we are framing the front door which is the whole key to this front porch decor! Next, we'll frame the other side of the door!

Step 3: The Porch Floor

Framing out the front door with details, draws the eye.  With the cross on one side, the porch light on the other, we've got to frame the other two sides.  On top of the door, the house numbers are hung in black... black like the cross and porch light.  Are you starting to see a pattern? GOOD! Let's put a fancy black doormat below the door.

And last, but not least, put a pot of plants on the final side of our frame.  I chose yellow gerbera daisies for two reasons.  Putting yellow flowers at the entry is a psychological tip that interior designers use to make people feel welcome.  Yes.  I am asking you to use color psychology.  The other reason I chose gerbera daisies is because they were in my wedding bouquet.  I can hear you saying, "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

We've totally framed out the door, but there is a way to take it to the next level.


Step 4: Add Paint.

If you have the afternoon, there is nothing that will change your curb appeal like painting the front door and the door frame.  You should always use to complimentary colors that also go well with your brick and siding.  Even by choosing neutrals, the front door will automatically be the focal point for anyone going past.  If you need help with what colors will look good, you can always check Pinterest or go for a ride in your neighborhood for inspiration.

Did you decide to give your front porch decor a PuNCH! I love it when people comment with links to their own projects! Don't be stingy! Share your ideas with the rest of us!!!!

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