Friday, April 20, 2012

Stone Baked Mexican Pizza

This will become a staple in your house, I tell you. Let's get to the nitty gritty with the Stone Baked Mexican Pizza recipe because idle chatter just makes me hungry.  Er.  Hungrier.

Flour Tortillas
Black Refried Beans
Shredded Mozzerella
Shredded Sharp Cheddar
Grape Tomatoes- sliced
Green onions- diced
JalapeƱo- diced small
Cilantro- chopped
Optional (for dummies, that is) Restaurant Style Salsa

Preheat your oven and pizza stone to 350 F.  I believe your too smart to go into the order of the ingredients, so we'll skip that.  Do not skip out on the salsa, though.  If you wanted to level up this recipe, you can mix the black beans with some melted cream cheese.  And of course, this can be an omnivore meal by adding fajita chicken meat or taco meat.  Place your pizza on the stone for 5 agonizing minutes.  Hopefully it will have bubbly cheese around the edges, but if not, you'll just have to wait a little longer.  Not too long or you'll burn the tortilla.  You're welcome.

Save some woman with twin toddlers who are knocking down the entire macaroni and cheese display in the supermarket aisle who's crying because she lost her list.

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