Saturday, May 19, 2012

Organizing Boys: Action Figures and Beyond

As a boy mom of two, I have been drowning in Legos, cars, action figures, costumes, etc.  The most frustrating part of telling boys with selective hearing to put toys away is when you realize that they will go put it in a mass grave in a big toy box.  When they do that, they will need to dump every toy tomb upside down to find the piece they have in mind.  I realized that by no fault of their own, my kids couldn't put things away without having a place for everything.

CHEAP MOMMY THRILLS: the thrill of having a place for boy things.  When I saw the blog post by Organize & Decorate Everything that inspired this new action figure station, it seriously rocked my world.  Even my little guy is impressed that he can see exactly where each guy is without having to wait for them to come to shore individually in the mast ocean of the all-inclusive toy box.


The thing about organization is that is a process.  It's baby steps in action, so put on your boy mom soldier face and go to battle!!!!

Here are the preliminary steps I took to regain boy toy control:

1.  I had them each write a list of what kind of toys were important to them in number order.  Whichever one had it on the list first would be getting a station for that specific toy.

2.  Next, we dumped all the mass toy boxes and sorted everything.

3.  Any toy prototype that had not been claimed was assigned.

4.  Getting each type toy it's own container/display so that everything has a place.

You can anticipate more posts on how to organize boy things, including an upcoming one on Legos.  I'd love to chat about your suggestions or see what you have done in the comments!

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