Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation

I am so excited to share how Pinterest serves as a fantastic organizer for vacation planning.  While searching out options for a 10th anniversary trip, I discovered that it blew the efficiency of my previous planning methods out of the water! Let's spell out how the features will serve you while you're planning.

1.  Collaborate with Others

This is probably my favorite reason for using Pinterest for planning a vacation.  You can give permission to multiple users to add pins to a single board.  If you were planning a getaway for an extended family, you and the other planners could see all the information in one place without flooding your email.

To give others the ability to collaborate, simply go to the board, click on "Edit Board"

and add their username in the field where it says "Add another pinner" and then save the settings.  Collaborators can also leave their feedback about pins with the Like and Comment buttons.

2.  The Price Function

The price function will automatically label your picture with a price when you type a dollar sign in the description.

In combination with the visual the picture gives, this becomes powerful.  This helps you:

  • Compare hotel rooms or cabins by price side by side with a link to whichever travel. site you found has the best price.
  • Compare flights the same way.

3.  The Picture Function 

This one might be a no-brainer, but the picture function of Pinterest makes it far more useful than using bookmarks on your browser.  You can:
  • Compare pics of hotel rooms or cabins side by side.
  • Compare scenery from one option to the next.
  • Have a visual of a destination so you might recognize it when you drive up.
  • Compare what the same destination looks like in different seasons.


4.  Directions & Itinerary

I am totally thrilled about this one.  I like to carry as little as possible that I have to store in the front seat where my long legs need all the stretching room they can get, so if I can link destinations on a Pinterest board instead of store a giant binder under my purse that's under my feet, all the better! Of course, you still want to keep a file with all the pertinent information just in case you're remote location has spotty tower service.

Also, can create a board for your itenerary by label a pin of the Grand Canyon "Day 3 - Destination 1" and "Day 5 - Las Vegas- Destination 2".

You shouldn't feel limited to putting all of your information on one board and calling it "Vacation".  You might create boards that help you during specific parts of the planning so you don't have to dig through information that's irrelevant because you chose a trip to Seattle instead of Orlando.  Alternatively, you can edit the pins from one huge Vacation board to go to a new board.  This might look like:

  • Vacation Possibilities
  • California Here We Come
  • We recommend
  • Directions to destinations in Laguna Beach


You should definitely consider your privacy by using Pinterest as a tool for your vacation.  For instance, you might not realize that you have been checking the box that says "Post to Facebook".  You can disable that by going to your settings and blocking Pinterest from posting to Facebook.  While your board is still out there for everyone online to see, you can always change your name on Pinterest to make it harder to identify you.  You can also change your profile pic to be something that would be more generic to someone looking up people with your name on Pinterest.  I can't know if you are Jane Doe from my small hometown if you put a picture of your grandmother's poodle as your profile pic.  These solutions won't work for every privacy situation, but you'll just have to make a judgement call on whether it's viable for you.

I'd love to hear ways that Pinterest has simplified your planning or how you have used it with success for your travels.  Got any ideas I didn't think of?

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  1. What!? How did I miss the collaboration part of Pinterest? I love the idea of using this for group vacations and for lots of other fun stuff! Thanks for the idea. :)

    1. You are so welcome! I love hearing that it taught you something! Knowledge is power! Rock on Mark and Corrie!

  2. Great ideas! I'm totally wanting to plan my next Hawaii trip via pinterest!

    1. Thanks, Jaime! Hawaii? How exciting! I think you will totally feel empowered to do it! I'm gonna do an update when I get back from a trip to see how some of my ideas work on the fly. Like, will I have cell service at a higher elevation...


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