Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sneak Peak: The Bedroom Makeover Begins with Anthro Pillows!!!

I just got a shopping high.  That's right.  I have been drooling over Anthropologie bedding for years.  For our 10th anniversary, I'm making over our bedroom to give us a romantic haven.  So when I found... GASP!!!!

these AMAZING KING SIZE BURNT CORAL RIVULETS SHAMS FOR $24.99 (regular $128!!!), I DID A VICTORY DANCE. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Did I mention it comes in a set of 2? Oh.  My.  Word.  And I'm totally going ALL IN on my Anthro fetish... acch-hem... I mean.. affinity.  I want to add another Anthropologie masterpiece, but I'm thinking of trying my hand at the knock-off tutorials since I can't find these babies in stock...


I love how these bold colors allow these to look gender friendly.  It's not that I don't like flowers, but I really want this to be a haven for both of us.  It's going against a reclaimed fence headboard unlike any you've seen.  STAY TUNED for a post on the embellishment to this headboard... I promise you will want to be a copycat! 

Further plans include updating an outdated, seemingly unsalvageable, hideous 1980s dresser.
So, if you've been blessed with one of those curvy monstrosities as a hand-me down, I can tell you,
your friends will be dying to get their hands on one if you decide to follow me in the makeover pursuit.

What do you think of all this?!? 

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