Monday, July 9, 2012

TOMS remodel: Grab some fabric & a glue gun.

If you've ever painted an ugly design on your TOMS just to have creative remorse, you are in good company.  I'm pretty sure there are lots of puff paint creations from the 90s that would have looked better than what I painted that is hidden beneath the remodel.

After seeing some inspiration on Pinterest, I took my shot at covering the ugliness with a glue gun and scrap pack of fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Basically, what you'll need to understand to recover a pair of your own is that perfection must go out the window.  This isn't the perfect patchwork of a quilt.  If you accept that, this project will be completed more quickly.

First, cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the space you want it to fill.  Take a hot glue gun, and glue the fabric starting at the bottom.  Add glue as you reach the edge of the shoe, then add some glue to the extra fabric and fold over into the inside, making a neat crease so that you mimic the design of the shoe.

What I found as I worked was that it doesn't matter if you have extraneous fabric on the bottom.  Just trim it off.  If you don't trust you'll cut it straight, you can glue it to the sole, and it will naturally wear the excess off.  What I love is how the fabric has frayed a little as I have worn them in.

Sorry, I didn't take more pics.  Add charms, buttons, or ribbon to add some cuteness.  Make sure not to get too matchy-matchy with the left and the right.  Make them different so it looks like you did it on purpose by changing the pattern, but using the same fabrics.

If you redo your TOMS, send me a link! I'd love to see your creation!

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