Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Wreath Tutorial

EEEK! I am so happy that it's time to break out the fall decor.  I just love all the earthy, harvesty colors! The product of this love of colors is the fall wreath you see before your very eyes.  I take great delight in telling you this is easy! SHRIEK! I know!!!!

Supply list:
  • Foam wreath- available at a craft store or supercenter
  • 1 yard of patterned fabric
  •  Feathers
  • Fabric scraps or worn out old clothes (I used both! The houndstooth is leftover from my Houndstooth Chair Makeover, and the other two are from old clothes.)
  • Buttons and beads for embellishing
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun & sticks
This project costs around $12 to complete (foam wreath, patterned fabric, and feathers).

First, you'll need to cut fabric strips 3 inches wide and a yard in length.  I am shocked that these school scissors my son handed me worked better than adult scissors I couldn't find!

I cut 3 of the same size strips for my wreath, but I cut them one at a time after I glued each strip on.  Can't waste this cute fabric people!

Glue one end of the fabric strip to the back of the wreath and wrap it around the wreath, covering the foam.  Glue the other end to the back of the wreath.  Repeat with fabric strips until complete.  Mine took 3 (in case you missed me saying it before ;D).

Use your glue gun to attach your feather.  You're going to hide the stem and label with rosette flowers, so just trim off the excess stem with wire cutters.

I added three little faux pearls onto this houndstooth rosette, and then attached it to the wreath, covering the stem and hot glue mess.  See... easy!

I just added a few more rosettes that I made from old clothes, and a cute little metal button, and it was all finished!

I hung it on my front door for staging purposes.  This cuteness is actually going in my entry hallway when I finish a makeshift mantel over a re-purposed TV console that has become a bench.  I cannot wait to reveal the entire fall mantel!

Did you see the free Fall Favorites Printable I created that will be hanging as part of this fall mantle? I hope you can make it work in YOUR fall decor.

I incorporated both the wreath and the printable into my Fall mantle seen here:

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  1. I love that fabric! I would love to have that design in paper! Your wreath is so fun!
    Kindest regards,

    1. Thanks! I would love to see a paper version, Jennifer! Let me know if you do it!

  2. Thanks for visiting me at OneCreativeMommy. This wreath turned out awesome! I would be happy to have you share this and any other idea you would like to link up at "One Creative Weekend" at

    1. I'd love to do that! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It's so pretty, Beja! I love the feather!!!


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