Monday, August 13, 2012

No Cost Gallery Wall - Reveal!

I absolutely love walking upstairs to see this gallery in the hallway, especially since it cost me NOTHING! Sure, everything on this wall was purchased, but it's all stuff that hasn't had a home in awhile.

This stuff has been clogging up my linen closet, master closet, entry closet, and pantry.  You have stuff like that, don't you?!?

My "Love wins!" chalkboard started it all.  It started out as an uninspiring clearance item (the mass produced art, not my adorable yellow lab Sparks),

but it got new life when I painted it with chalkboard paint.  I also added a black flower accessory I bought at Stein Mart to the side with a command strip.  It was something I used to wear in my hair. REPURPOSE!

After I saw how fun the chalkboard was, I just new I could use other old frames to create something fun.  Low and behold, the Ferris wheel art.  The frame used to be part of a cute set of VW wall decor...

but this cute print was better suited for a teenage girl's room, and I don't have a teenage girl.  I downloaded the Ferris wheel art from The Graphics Fairy and replaced the VW print.

I used the other frame from this set to create Chevron printable art (instructions here).

I just want to point out how I used color pictures AND pictures from a portrait studio.  I know that has become unpopular since expensive lifestyle photography has become the standard in the last five years.  I just don't want to shelve all of our memories because they are no longer the "IN" thing.  Whatever! They are not all black and white... so what? That's my family.  I have nothing against great modern photography, I'm just saying don't shelve your sweet baby pics or engagement pics or wedding pics because they aren't today's style.

I would love to see what you can do by upcycling stuff you already own!  I think you'll surprise yourself like I did.  This is such a treat to see all of these sweet memories on what was a mostly vacant wall.  And everybody's husbands will love the words FREE decor. Am I right?


  1. Looooooove this!! And I really love your stance on older "posed" photography - I totally agree! It may not be on trend, but still full of memories. Great mix of old, new and made by you (pardon the unintended lame rhyme)!

    1. I love your poem ;D! You repackaged what I said perfectly. How can I shelve my babies for trendiness? They were still cute in that portrait studio!! Thanks for stopping by!


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