Monday, August 27, 2012

Peanut-Free Crustless Sandwich

Many moms and dads have a package of Uncrustables in their freezer for lunch packing ease, but what if your little one is allergic to peanut butter?

My sweet Carter was diagnosed with peanut allergy when he was 2, but we have found sunflower seed butter to be an AMAZING alternative.  Because of a readily available sandwich sealer, YOU can make ahead your own PBJs or SBJs (Sunbutter & Jelly) sandwiches to make for the freezer.

First you take the Sunbutter and you spread it... then you take the jelly and you spread it...

Did you notice I used the corn-syrup free jelly? You can totally even use honey as a jelly alternative, but be sure and cover both slices with bread with Sunbutter.  Bananas would be good, too!

Press them together, and you're ready to seal and trim off the crust.

This sandwich sealer was found at my local superstore.  It was cheap.  Simply place it inside the crust, and press down.  I used a spoon to go around the perimeter and trim off the edges.  It takes no time.  Next you press the inner, red piece to seal the edges.

I love how simple this has made my school mornings because I can assemble lunches in a hurry now.  We are not morning people and every second counts! I put them in plastic storage containers right next to the frozen yogurt.

If you can't find one of the pictured sandwich sealers, you may be able to get one from Pampered Chef.  Theirs, if it still exists, actually makes the the round shape that the store brand packages.  FYI, just for disclosure, I am not being paid to represent any products mentioned or pictured in this post.  It's just what I use!

What kind of things do you freeze for lunches?

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