Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to Decorate with Book Pages

As promised, today's post is a tutorial stemming off my fall mantle on how to decorate with book pages.  The above picture is of a boutique window in Ruidoso, New Mexico (I am sorry to have forgotten the name so I can't give them credit.  I'll update if I get an answer).  I was in awe of their use of book pages splattered with gold paint to accentuate their window display.  Notice how the pages are scattered in different directions? SQUEAK! Love it.

So when I walked into Tucker Brown's boutique across the street, I was about to foam at the mouth at the book page bunting he had in HIS display!

I knew that I would either be implementing these great ideas in my home, or I would be asking Tucker Brown how much rent would be for a family of four.  But since Fort Worth was a 10 hour drive to work from Ruidoso for my husband, I went ahead and attempted to create this look at home.

This is how my Fall mantle turned out:

 Here's a close-up of my vintage book page decor:


  • Glue sticks (mine took 1.5 glue sticks)
  • Craft paper or poster board cut to the size of your display
  • An old book*

    *RANT: Be money smart.  Don't go to an antique shop because you have to have vintage pages.  You'll pay a high price for something your neighbor would give you if you'll just post on Facebook or Twitter that you are seeking an old book with yellow pages.  Discount bookstores would be a cheap route if you HAVE to pay.  White pages can look just as cool if none of these solutions are cheap and easy.

  • I took a roll of craft paper and rolled it out on the floor the size of my mantel.  I took pages from a copy of The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck that I have had since eighth grade and pulled random pages out.  The pages had enough yellowing to look vintage. Yea for free decor! 
  • I glued a page at a time onto the craft paper with a glue stick.  I was sure to overlap and position them upside down with blank spaces on the chapter headings spread throughout for interest. 
  • If you want to embellish it with metallic paint like the first store window, take your completely glued pages out to a lawn or garage and splatter metallic paint by dipping a small paintbrush into the paint and fling your wrist forward to create splatters.

I chose not to splatter mine with paint because I would have chosen a copper color for Fall and a gold or silver for Christmas, but it only takes an hour or less to complete this project, so it's not a huge deal to recreate another book page collage.

I might be implementing the Tucker Brown bunting style book pages in my Anthropologie Inspired Boho Chic Bedroom Makeover.

Here is a peek of the look I'm going for in the bedroom:

I had planned to have it finished before our 10th wedding anniversary, but we went to Ruidoso, had a birthday party, started back to school, and I desperately needed better storage for our entryway.  HOPEFULLY, the reveal won't be to far away, so thanks for your patience those who have been waiting for it!

Have a great day! Go make something cute!


  1. love sneak perak to the bedroom
    and i might go to charati shop to get an old book
    xxx thank u
    Can i PLEASE ask u to follow my blog. I am dreaming of having more than 25 followers. I wold really appreciate it xxx


    1. Thank you! Just keep posting! It takes just a little time to obtain followers. Don't give up!

  2. Love your Fall mantle! Using book pages as a back drop... AWESOME! Putting you on my Blog Roll. Love at first sight! ;) Have a great day, Beja!


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