Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anthropologie Holiday Display Sneak Peek

WHAT A TREAT! Today, Anthropologie hosted a Holiday Display Workshop at their location inside Southlake Town Square.  Anthropologie is the only company that has me looking at their email updates every time.  I don't get compensated by them in any way.  It's just that there is ALWAYS creative inspiration found in their graphics or products.

In fact, let's take this opportunity to tell you how my Anthropologie inspired master bedroom makeover has gone on the backburner.  Every time I make a promise or mention of it on the blog, the more guilt I feel that it is not done.  One day, it's glory will be more than a sneak peek.  Here's a pic of the beginning stages...

GO AHEAD! Say it aloud, "WHAT A TEASE!!!" I admit it.  Here's the link for the Anthro for less inspired bedroom plans.

If you are obsessed with the Anthropologie for less style, I highly recommend that you check their FREE Holiday Display Workshop schedule to see if one of these sessions will be held at a store near you.  I met some wonderful ladies, and we got a great behind the scenes look at what goes into those wonderful displays.  Some locations are having multiple workshops, so you might still be able to participate. 

The display coordinator, Jen, and her associates are very resourceful and artistic.  We created these lace painted geometric shapes for a holiday display that will be going up in the next couple of weeks.  When it's completely installed, I'll post the final result.

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