Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chevron Chair Makeover

Beauty from ashes? YES! This fabulous chair was literally ugly enough to burn as firewood before the Slate Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and the reupholstering.  I thought that I had taken a before pic to capture the 1980s blonde wood.  Thankfully, you have been spared.  Sort of...

BARFARONI.  Even with the handsome black paint, this chair was butt ugly.  It looked better when there was a butt sitting in it, covering that fabric.  I mustn't speak so harshly.  This was my mom's chair.  When she recovered it back in the 90s, we thought it was cute with the blonde wood and the new fabric... because before this...

It was this.  Picture it with the blonde wood.  WHY?!?!

It looks like someone spilled an ashtray on it.

This is more like it.  It is my blogging chair.  It was pretty easy to reupholster, even with the pattern.  If you're going to use chevron on a chair, be sure to staple the front first since you will want the front to be the most even.  

I got the front and back turned around, so I had to pull out staples and make some adjustments.  I can't wait for you to see what it looks like with my other DIY office projects.

You can find my post about the chalk paint filing cabinet here,
and here is my post about the kitchen table turned duck egg blue desk.

I can't wait to finally arrange this room so it can be in working order.  Right now it halfway looks like a room from the show Hoarders.  I would take a picture, but, conveniently, it's time for me to make dinner.  Thanks for stopping by!


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