Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Use the Right Brush: 10 Days Until Justin Trade Days

It's definitely a scary thought that we are counting down from 10 days already for the first Justin Trade Days.  It's also Howdy Honey's debut as a boutique.  I'm super thrilled.

It's also scary how much time I spent on these nightstands today because I'm not even close to done.  SIGH! I seriously did 5 coats of Old White.  That's not the usual situation.  I just happened to use the wrong paint brush today.  I grabbed a foam one.  OOPS.  That's okay for smaller projects like these clipboards for our homework station.

When you're painting a bigger piece, foam brushes drink to much paint.  A strong piece of furniture will also take it's toll on the foam.  After many coats, they are still not done, but they are getting there.

That left one has it's door, but I have yet to paint any of it.  I am definitely putting a pop of color on the inside.  A few coats before, these nightstands looked like dying E.T. in a creek bed, so though it's a work in progress, it's looking better.

I hope everyone had fun seeing all the kids in costume.  Just thought I would share my tough superheroes!

I stopped by the venue for Justin Trade Days.  The inside of the antique mall is completely full.  There are good things in store November 10th and 11th! I'll share more tomorrow for sure.

Justin Trade Days will be held November 10th-11th at 15306 Hwy 114, Justin, Texas 76247.

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