Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome to Justin, Texas: 17 Days Until Justin Trade Days

Since many of my Honey's might live too far to pay Justin a visit anytime soon, I figured I would show you the charm of this small town and why it has our family's heart.

We are surrounded by pastures with cows.  Downtown Cowtown (aka Fort Worth) is about 35 minutes from here.  There are many suburban neighborhoods, but Justin has more fields than subdivisions.  I seriously drive down South County Line Road just for some free therapy.

This picture of Peyton & Carter was just over two years ago.  They grow so fast! I always picture them running through this field together every time I drive past this farm.  There is room for adventure in Justin.  That is for sure!

Don't you just love this barn? I can't get over how beautiful the rust makes it.

This rusted water tower is about two miles from Justin Trade Days.  We pass it everyday on the ride to school.  This time of year, there are always yellow flowers making a gorgeous ground cover.  This is where the farms above meet rural suburbia.  It's definitely the best of both worlds- wide open spaces, but about 15 minutes from the grocery store.

We have gotten used to the drive.  Having said that, when the Just In Time Antique Mall put up signs advertising their new home, I was thrilled at the prospect that the closest thing to me will be very dear to my heart.  I can't wait to open up Howdy Honey!

Thanks for stopping by today.  This post is the second in an 18 day series leading up to the first Justin Trade Days.  I will link up all the posts to the first one as each is posted.

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