Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Craft Room on a Budget

This is a work in progress, but this one wall is mostly complete, so I am ready to share it!
Since the room is made up of many individual projects, I thought I would get down to the nitty gritty by just giving you a number map of the room that will match up each project with a link explaining the details.

4.  Frame with Graphite Chalk Paint to make chalkboard surface.
8.  Cube shelf unit from Target (purchased 9 years ago).

I believe in authenticity.  I desperately want to do more than I can accomplish.  Having a creative hard drive means that everything I dream up doesn't happen.  Being on a budget means that I have to figure out something that will work without the price on the beautiful thing I wish I had.  Many times, it comes out even cooler than I had wished.  This is the case with my craft room.
Everything you see here was something I already owned or bought on the cheap.  As you can see by the links above, much of it was repurposed.  You can take the elements from THAT catalog you love, and make it work with what you can do.  Don't think you have to wait until you can afford the $2000 system with the $1200 desk with the $900 rug.  Be patient and spend within your means.

I just want to encourage you in a Pinterest world where everything looks so shiny, pretty, coordinated and finished in less than a day, try to remember that even talented people don't move mountains overnight.  It took me months to finish everything in this room.  I did recently feel the fire under my feet to have a clean workspace since I was having a birthday party, and this is the first room in the house.  Be motivated by reasonable expectations, and you will be able to have a look that suits you without breaking the budget.

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