Monday, November 26, 2012

Faux Vintage Christmas Sign

Howdy! I know you came here for a tutorial on a faux vintage Christmas sign.  Out of respect for another designer who created an original work before me, I have decided to pull my project inspired by her work as she pursues getting her design carried and distributed by a retailer.  It's the right thing to do!

It was my desire to have a full new tutorial with a new sign up before I could take the content down, but since it is not ready, I would like to direct you to Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial which fully explains the process.  I haven't obtained her permission to use her photo, but if you want to create a sign like this:

Visit Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial here:

Thank you for understanding my heart to love on someone who is putting her full effort into her career.  I know if you are at this page because you loved her design, but I hope she reaps the full benefit of her hard labor for her gorgeous design.  Please visit Jessen Pipiciello's site: to see more of her fabulous work.  She is a talented Australian designer who works out of a beach basement in Sydney! She even has her design available for purchase as a window decal.  Go support her!

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  1. LOVE this sign! Great job! Or should I say bon travail? :)


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