Thursday, November 1, 2012

Glitter and Grit: 9 Days Until Justin Trade Days

WOOOO, Cowgirl! We are in the single digits.  How did that happen? I knew you would be expecting something amazing today, so I decided to go ALL OUT.  That's right.  I got out the big guns- crushed glass glitter! I am playing around with some ideas for some small items to offer at Justin Trade Days.  

Grit and glitter is becoming a good descriptor for Howdy Honey.  It's a foot in two different worlds.  It just works.  This paper mache ornament mimics the shape of the traditional Texas five-point star.  Does it git more grit than it? Stars are also pretty significant around here.  Y'all dig? This paper mache ornament was dying to wear some glitter.

Paint on the glue.  Spread it thin, but make sure it covers everywhere.  It's much easier to do it right the first time than to have to go back and add more glue in the bare spots.  Correction.  That's no biggie if you are patient enough to let it dry all the way.  If it's not totally dry, you'll pull glitter off and get frustrated.  Don't ask me how I know all this.

I love how vintage this glitter looks. You just pour it over the glue, and it sticks.  This little tray is great because it's a funnel.  While my brush is sitting in the funnel hole, that's what that hole is designed to do.  Then you pour it back in the bottle, and you're ready to pour it over your next section.

I just love the way the crushed glass glitter reflects light.  It's so chunky that it almost looks like sequins.  When sunlight hits it, it looks like the sun melting an icicle.  Some of you non-Texans might be wondering if we've seen an icicle around here, especially if you have ever experienced our triple degree heat in the shade.  The answer is yes! If we do have icicles, they are usually melting as fast as they form.  

I was just trying out this display for fun.  I made the pinwheels out of my college aria book of sacred songs.  Hey it's become a Christmas decoration, so it's not exactly sacrilege.  I am a soprano, in case you are wondering.  Yes, I CAN sing the Soprano National Anthem.  Can't you hear me?

"O mio babbino caro, mi piace è bello, bello!"

Please get bring me my crown.  Yes.  More glitter.  The glitter will be a Howdy Honey staple.  I hope y'all can handle that! Spend a few minutes getting tranquil, staring at the sparkles, then if you want more on the countdown to Justin Trade Days, then see the list of links below the sparkles.

Catch more of this series 18 Days Until Justin Trade Days right here:

Justin Trade Days will be held November 10th-11th at 15306 Hwy 114, Justin, Texas 76247.

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