Friday, November 2, 2012

Preparing to Gather Together: 8 Days Until Justin Trade Days

I am thrilled about the upcoming holiday season.  Even as chaotic as our world feels sometimes, there is this solace that comes from gathering together and celebrating our blessings no matter how big or small.

As I'm preparing for Justin Trade Days, many have already begun preparing to host family.  I have a few dining tables that probably are thinking they wouldn't be serving up a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal this season.  This base is gorgeous, but the chairs that came with this set have seen better days for sure.  I will probably mix and match some chairs I have to make up for the broken chair that I will repurpose.... sometime! Your project to-do list is all done, yes? Oh, it isn't? Then you understand.

This weekend, I hope to have made a dent in making this new so someone can create memories around it.  This chair will not be a part of the set.  I have another plan to make it new based on something I saw at a boutique in Ruidoso, New Mexico called Tucker Brown.

Behind this night stand with the red star on top, there is a table that someone set out for bulk trash pick up.  I'm about to turn it's world upside down! Get a peek of the beautiful shape of the chairs.  SQUEAK! Now, this nightstand has been giving me havoc.  It's time to conquer that mountain.  We are in the single digits, folks.  Today, I have the right brush clean and ready.  Let's do this, y'all!

Do you need something to do? Why don't you give making one these grit and glitter crushed glass ornaments? The instructions are pretty simple.  Even the DIY-cursed can do it.  I promise!

Justin Trade Days will be held November 10th-11th at 15306 Hwy 114, Justin, Texas 76247.

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