Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Very First Justin Trade Days

My sweet husband was up while the moon was still shining to secure my spot on the porch of Just In Time Antiques for Justin Trade Days.  The "OPEN" sign is quite the artistic expression of Howdy Honey's debut.  It was a really windy day, and you can see the dust collecting on the dining table.  The only way I knew I wasn't in West Texas was because the dust was not red.  If you have family out West like we do, you're used to the sandstorms.  Unfortunately, I couldn't really stage anything because frames and other things kept blowing down.  Despite that, I was thrilled that my first customer came by early in the morning.  

My sweet friend Cara and her cutie Emerie came first thing in the morning.  She snapped some pics of me with some of my pieces.  I'll share those soon.  After we squealed about the Howdy Honey open, we went scouting out cool pieces by the other vendors.  It was still so early that the crowd was just beginning to trickle in.

We were THRILLED by the junk candy that was everywhere.  The stories that the dealers shared about their journey was just as interesting as the pieces they had.  It took all I had not to spend when I was there to sell.  Let me just let out remorse and mourn that I wasn't able to purchase this dresser.

It was directly in my eye path the entire time, until my husband held the fort while I made a quick run home, and I came back to the news it was gone.  This beautiful dresser has a crack on the top, but she has a story.  The owner lived in South Texas and Hurricane Ike caused her to leave her home without much left.  The pressure the storm created was so great that it caused most everything to give way.  I would have painted it yellow or cobalt.  This is the one that got away.  Okay.  I will move on so you can see the other goods!

Cara scored a deal with the dresser dealer on this school desk we couldn't stop staring at.  This wonderful woman has a booth inside Just In Time that y'all would love.  Go see her! 

This will be the perfect photography prop for Cara.  She has an amazing eye and artistry.  Can't wait to see what she does with this.  Speaking of photography, the people were starting to wonder what was going on since there were two girls with cameras shooting pictures of this wonderful junk.  What can we say? We're hooked and we can't stop staring! Ah baby, we want get with ya, and take yo picture.

WILL BREAK FOR GRIT!!! Let's camp out over these bad boys! I would like to introduce to you Mumford & Saws. Seriously, I can see it hanging up in the character in Dust Bowl Dance's poetic tale of a young man who has nothing left and can't bear to leave the land of his heritage.  There is no literal mention of saws, but they look like something that could have been in a barn I imagine the young man standing in when the powers that be come to take him away.  Saws on the left.  Pitchforks on the right.  I seriously can see these mounted on some reclaimed wood with the lyrics "Collect your courage."

Isn't this foosball table fun? I can totally picture this in the corner of a game room with the word "TOMFOOLERY" in red juxtaposed letters on the wall above it.  LOVE!
Speaking of letters...

Check out these amazing letters available from a dealer on the inside of Just In Time Antique Mall where Justin Trade Days takes place.  I wish I could take the lot and place them in every niche in my house that's calling for a little something.  I will show you more of the inside later.  There's so much to show you!

Oh how I wanted to snatch up all of these pieces.  The poor globe was victim to the gust.

Someone snatched up this beautiful bed.  OH! How dreamy.  I think the headboard in the back would make an excellent bench.  Junk OVERLOAD!!! Don't you love this?

I was so thrilled to meet and greet old and new faces.  Thanks to Cara, Emerie, Shere, Kristy, Sweet Baby Sue, Dawn, Shari, Amy, Caylee and Sean for coming out.

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  1. WOW what gorgeous items!!! That first dresser is just out of this world with it's curves!
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time!

    1. Hi SuzyQ!

      I followed you on LinkyTools. I love your before and afters. Really awesome transformations. Since you live in a Victorian flat I assume you live in the UK. Thanks for showing me some bloggy love and following!

  2. JEALOUS! That looks awesome and fun and so exciting for you, big stuff! Your pieces are just beautiful and great job on those business cards too:)


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