Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm back and ready for some decor FUN!

I've been totally out of touch.  I'm sorry.  I'd like to explain, but I think we are all just ready for some decor fun, so let's skip to it.  I have been working on a fun dresser concept for my sweet friend Lisa.  I believe in starting small when you commit to a big project so that it serves as a model for the next project.  For instance, painting cabinets in the smallest bathroom in the house is a great springboard for doing your kitchen cabinets.

Since I am doing a spin on a subway art dresser for Lisa, I wanted to test my method on a smaller project so I wouldn't have to redo all the tedious prep work.  Smart, huh? Exactly! Here is the result...

This was done with vinyl & Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite and Old White on a scrap piece of plywood from the JOY letter cut outs.

I can't wait to reveal the dresser to you! It was Lisa's idea, and I haven't seen this twist on a subway art dresser yet.  Now it's time to squeeze in a run while the paint dries on the dresser drawers! Toodles!

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