Yesterday, I couldn’t wait to share a project.  It had been many weeks since I had posted.  To be honest, it had been many weeks since I was able to work.  I spent Christmas in bed with the flu, and one Foster after the other got knocked down.  After the most severe symptoms went away, we all had fatigue that lingered.  Just before Christmas, I received a phone call from Australia threatening legal action for a work I created.  It was just crazy.  There were a few other personal things that had my plate too full already.  Had I not been built up in scripture and prepared for the unraveling, I might have gone into a deep depression.

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“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you encounter trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Let perseverance finish it’s work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. ” -James 1:2-4

Fast forward to yesterday.  Mornings are chaotic.  School starts at 7:45, and my kids are bears and totally disorderly.  The morning panic attack usually lasts past dropping them off.  My kids were climbing out of the car and running to the door after the bell rang, and when it was time for me to pull away, a mom and her son entered the crosswalk.

I noticed how she was fully dressed for anything (as opposed to me wearing what I slept in), her makeup was on, and she even flashed a beautiful smile at me.  A smile came over me.  What a breath of fresh air it was to see her enjoying the morning.

Up until this point, I had paid no attention to her son.  When I finally looked at him, I recognized him immediately.  He was Carter’s friend.  I watched in awe as he did something I hadn’t seen him do in the two years Carter’s known him- he was walking without a walker! It was miraculous! Tears poured out and I couldn’t contain my excitement for him.  He was happily making his way despite his staggering, laborious walk.  A walking miracle!

Every morning on the 15 minute drive to school, my kids and I go over a scripture.  We talk about what it means and the immediate life application.  This morning we talked about James verse and how we can choose Joy over our circumstances.  I excitedly recanted what happened yesterday morning, and I love Carter’s simple childlike response, “Yeah.  He’s learning to walk!”

This morning, as I was checking my Facebook feed, I saw another amazing sight from my middle school Sunday school teacher.  He was in a motorcycle accident just before Christmas that put him in critical condition.  I don’t know about you Honey, but sometimes the length of a journey set out before me has me emotionally paralyzed.  I want to learn to abandon that fear.  I want to be grateful for the journey because I want to be mature and complete, not lacking anything.  I’ll leave you with Raleigh’s words because they are inspiring.

Only 2 more months until I can put weight on my pelvis. “

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