Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trying Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

The Howdy Honey philosophy is you have to crawl before you LEARN TO WALK, so for my first milk paint project, I started small with this garage sale find I picked off my sweet friend Candace.

I admired it when it was in her house for its shabbiness, but I couldn't find the right spot for it in my house, so in walks Flow Blue.  If you haven't used milk paint, you should know it comes in a powdery form, and you mix it with water to create the actual paint.  See...

My method for mixing it was putting the correct measurements inside a mason jar and shaking it for two minutes (though you can hand mix it or use a paint blender).  It was an arm workout that I welcomed.  Since I workout to music, I found a song in iTunes that was close to 2 minutes long- John Mayer's cover of "Crossroads" which is by Eric Clapton who is someone I saw in concert a whopping 5 times (the first time when I was 7).  I also saw John Mayer in concert back in 2003.  Back in '82, I could throw a football over them mountains.  Now, thanks to Miss Mustard Seed, I'm "moving mountains in (my) home".  Now we're full circle back to the current project you're here to see.  ANYWHO!

Here it is all mixed up:

Isn't that abso-freaking-lutely beautiful.  The answer is YES!!! I added some bonding agent which keeps the milk paint from peeling.  It's not a required step, but for this project, I didn't want the old design peeking through the top layer.

The first coat went on like butta! Totally impressed with this paint.  Mine was a little thick, so for the second coat, I thinned it out with a tablespoon of water.  sanded the edges, and I was smitten with how gorgeously this paint distresses.  *WHISTLE* I also added some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint streaks in Old White, a custom gray I mixed awhile back, and Florence.

SQUEAAAAAAAAK! I added a few crystal pulls I bought from the Home Depot, and there you have it! Maybe I should use this treatment of Flow Blue with the streaks of Chalk Paint on my dresser for my long procrastinated Boho Chic Bedroom Makeover.  What do you think it would look like with this DIY emerald green headboard I am creating????

Maybe instead of using the Florence for the turquoise streaks, I should use the emerald green to tie the two together.  What do you think? Please vote in the comments! See ya soon! TOODLES, mi amigos y mi amigas!

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  1. that blanket is seriously awesome! did you make it! love the whole vibe for the room!


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