Joining the ranks with other creatives, I am joining Folk Magazine’s Community Journal Challenge.  They give a prompt, and the community responds each week on their blog.
I would love for you to join me in the comments about what inspires you, or if you have your own blog, join the challenge! The topic of discussion this week:
There is something about a drive that can be overwhelming to the senses and be so peaceful and healing at the same time.  Don’t you think? I live in what I call rural suburbia because I live in the only subdivision for miles, and we are surrounded by farm land.  So, when I exit my neighborhood and head north, I see the scene of open fields and blue skies, I can’t help but hear my Maker speak through His creation.
My heart gets overwhelmed by this picture.  Every time I drive it, I feel like I just have to savor it with a picture so others because this is too glorious to keep to myself.
This is a half mile up the road, and as you can tell, the sky and land still fill the horizon.  This is my boys a few years ago.  Everything about this gives me joy.  My boys, the green, the hay, the land bearing this feast for the eyes as well as sustenance.  My heart is full.
Fast forward a few years.  You will find majesty across the field from where this picture of my boys was taken.
I am getting a warm fuzzy from looking at this beautiful buffalo.  I just wish he was the snuggling type because LOOK at that beautiful brown coat!!!
The surroundings of our community have heavily influenced my decor and creative style.  The green is the dominant force in all three pictures and it brings me to peace.
This is why my headboard has been slathered in a bright green.  It’s even okay with me that this headboard is sitting against the wall, not even attached to my bed yet BECAUSE I have a piece of these fields serenity in my bedroom. I am also inspired by Anthropologie, and if you just put a little brain power into it, you can do the Anthropologie look for less.  It’s not about re-creating the catalog anyways.  It’s about bringing a little of this with a little bit of that.  So Rule #1 is this (and it’s really the only rule besides don’t spend more than you can afford): realize that you can bring together things you love and create an even more appropriate look that is custom tailored for you.
There’s nobody in this world JUST LIKE YOU!
This is why I have decided not to include a pin board or a blog that makes glitter and rainbows shoot out of my girlie heart.  I have come to a realization that I spend too much time searching for inspiration when it’s right in front of me.  It’s not at all that you can skip the brainstorming.  Why would you want to when there’s a community out there with beautiful ideas and hearts that share so freely? This is a good thing! But visit people often, but don’t try to move in because it will be a good thing gone rotten.  I stop executing ideas when I get stuck in someone else’s dream, and I bet you do, too.
In fact, I get on the road to comparison, even though I created this comparison printable to remind me to stop, and I start to feel inadequate.  I feel like I am not equipped.  I have let myself run wild with thoughts of how my journey isn’t matching my vision, and I see people who I PERCEIVE are matching their potential, and I start to kill my anxiety.  I start to believe that know one will want to look at my blog when there’s _____.  I snuggle with the fear that I might not sell my labors of love because ______.  Then I hear an encouragement from a friend, or I see a scripture like this, and I get bowled over with reality.
Look at what I marked.  Perceives it the key! It’s apparently not a question to this Proverbs 31 Woman that she is crafty, and just before she is girding herself with her strength and strengthens her arms.  This woman is not lazy, nor does she lack passion.  Notice- it does NOT say “She girds herself with inspiration.” She has to spend more time working than she does looking around, admiring others.  Is it important to admire and appreciate others yes, but she is SERVICE MINDED.  She fulfills her purpose.
I can hear you beating on your screen begging for just one more example of what I mean by the inspiration being right in front of you.  Maybe you take a drive up your street and you don’t see the great outdoors.  You see a bunch of fast food chains and a convenience store.  Okay, then.  Find that place where your eyes go to get away from all that.  A place of local flavor.  It might literally be a local restaurant.
Like Twisted Root Burger Company.
Or it might be the Babe’s Chicken Dinner House where they do the hokey pokey and Southern fry it with a jukebox filled with old country.
This will be forever embedded in my mind.  The way we anxiously await a table and hop from one colorful seat to another.  And I want to squish the toddler right on those chubby-barely-a-toddler-hands.  Take pictures! Capture the moment.  You will see what inspires you, I promise.  It’s right there! Don’t miss it!
It might even be the touristy spot.
You’re in the heart of The Fort Worth Stockyards.  There’s a cattle drive that goes through everyday.  There’s Old West charm.  Look at the brick pavers that line the streets.  Look at the colors of this candid shot of Peyton on the horse machine.  The color of his eyes, skin, bright lips, and blonde hair, his shirt.  The texture of the brick, the denim, the glossiness of the horse.  The inspiration is there! Are you looking? Look again!
If we just choose color, look at the turquoise, the reds, the neutrals.  It just works together!
And separately as in here
and here.
Notice how my boys ended up in my inspiration pictures.  These are places where we made memories.  The elements in these photos are the essence of what’s inspiring to me.
So what inspires YOU?!?
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