Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

I don't know about you, but in a house of boys there is certainly a challenge to find boy-friendly Easter basket stuffers.  It's not that we don't have a thing for bunnies.  Actually, my husband and boys recently made the news around these parts, and my husband was dressed up as an Easter bunny.

That's right.  Check these bunnies out! They are bearded to go along with our church's Don't DUCK your DYNASTY series we are kicking off for Easter at Keystone Church.  They did the Wobble and Harlem Shake flash mob style, surprising the public when these crazy characters all came off our big red Keystone Church trolley.  Peyton, my oldest, is dressed as Si, and my youngest has on a Willie-style bandana & camo.  So much fun! So you see, our boys don't do yuppie Easter baskets ;D.

Last year at Easter time, we hadn't even heard of Duck Dynasty, but the camo duck eggs made an appearance, not inside a basket, but inside a Beyblade Stadium.

Sorry for the small picture.  When I took this on my phone last year, I hadn't planned to blog it a year later! This could seriously be deemed a Duck Dynasty Easter Basket.  I filled the Beyblade Stadium with beef jerky, water guns, Beyblades (tops that battle each other inside the stadium), and just a tiny bit of candy inside the eggs.  Ever since my boys were babies, I have never stuffed them full of candy.

This year, I kept with the boy-geared fun.  I used a popcorn bucket for a basket.

That's right.  My oldest is getting a book called Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder.  Gross, but he will never forget it.  The youngest is getting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle book that comes with 3D glasses.  I hope Phil wouldn't be too disappointed that I went a little NERD and picked up something for our Wii U system.  Every boy is crazy 'bout Skylanders Giants!

Skylanders Giants is a game that includes a portal that you plug into your game system, and these figures become interactive with the game.  When you buy a new figure, it contains a computer chip that adds the new character to the game.  Some even add new levels.  Pretty neat!

Just FYI, if you don't already own the portal (which is expensive), these won't work on your system, but a nice alternative would be the Skylanders Giants Mega Blocks which they have at EVERY price point (starting around $6.99 and hitting around $12, $25, and even higher in increments of about $10).

I snapped a shot of this display at my local big box toy store to show the variety of Skylanders Giants Mega Blocks sets.  I was saving it on my phone in an album for gift ideas.  Pinning works, too.

I also added some eggs filled with dollar bills and quarters.  I don't like buying filler stuff that is cheap and gonna get thrown away.  I don't buy the grass, baskets, bunny-themed-everything-under-the-moon.  It's a green move, but it's also for my sanity.  Guess who would likely be picking up all that grass, the candy wrappers, the bunny shaped erasers.  ME!!! They will forget in two shakes of lamb's tale all that tiny junk, so I just forgo it.  Like that tip? YOU'RE WELCOME!

I did put one box of candy for each boy, so they aren't totally candy deprived.  It's tough when you have a child with a peanut allergy around Easter because so many of the eggs and bunnies contain peanut butter or might have traces of peanuts, so we just go with gummies to be sure.  Some other peanut allergy friendly Easter treats might be Angry Bird graham crackers or Goldfish crackers.

One final pointer- these non-Easter themed basket fillers are also available the night before when everything has been picked over, so you don't have to worry about elbowing that granny for the last Peeps marshmallow! ;D

I would love to hear of your alternative Easter basket solutions! What have you done in the past?

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