Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Remember the Alamo! Child's Desk Makeover Part 1

This desk had a date with destiny! Many months ago, my sweet friend Amy was looking out for me when she picked this desk for free off a neighborhood buy/sell Facebook Group.  It didn't always look like this, of course.  When she grace bombed me with it, it looked like this...

Amy had great expectations for this little desk.  I did, too.  For some reason, my boy mom instincts got overtaken by the land of glitter and pink.  I knew this was going to be for a little girl.  I have been in love with the British Invasion I see on so many blogs of beautiful Union Jacks in soft, muted colors.  I stored the idea in the idea machine for awhile.  The last few days, I was jonesing to get this baby done!

Last night, I decided today was the day.  Unbeknownst to me was the fact that today of all days is March 6th- a day in Texas history infamy.  Yes, March 6th, 1836 has been called the pivotal day in the Texas Revolution as it was the day when the Battle of the Alamo was concluded.  While Mexican forces defeated Texians (the term for settlers in Texas pre-United States), the loss rallied the Texians to defeat the Mexicans at the Battle of San Jacinto a little over a month later.  Thus, the saying, "Remember the Alamo!", which happens to be on a book I picked up a month before I received the desk.  What a great coincidence!

I purposefully left made this a little rough, making sure not to perfect the five-point star.  I actually want to add some clear wax and a tad of dark wax.  I'm considering sanding to let a little of the green show.

If there is some great battle you have lost, consider that if you stay determined, and keep fighting.  The Battle of the Alamo led to the end of the revolution, and the events after led to about 1/3 of what is known as the United States.  March on soldier, and REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!

 Keep up, Honey!


  1. Beja! I love it -- brings back memories of when we visited the Alamo. LOL You did a great job! Hugs, Clydia @ Three Mango Seeds

    1. Did PeeWee show you where the basement is ;D! Thanks!

  2. Wow Beja, I love how this turned out!! I am going to pin this! I would love for you to come by and link these or another project at my brand new link party, starting this morning!! Hope to see you!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I hope your party goes well. I'll stop by for sure!!!


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