Monday, April 29, 2013

OH DEER! Deer Silhouette Painting

I have been planning to create this for quite awhile now.  You'd think that when Claire at The Rustic Pig painted her deer silhouette, that I'd have jumped on it because hers is so adorable!

Well, I just haven't had time.  That old chestnut.  But now that it's complete, let's get a look up close! As a total bonus, it crackled naturally and immediately.  YEA!!!!

I painted this frame & chalkboard back in November over an old mirror that I bought at a garage sale.  I used it for a Howdy Honey Facebook sign at Justin Trade Days.  It has sat in my office for months, and I knew I wanted to put a silhouette on it, but I had been planning on putting this same deer on a pillow for our boho master bedroom.  

I finally gave myself permission to use it in more than one place in the house.  I just traced the design on the chalkboard with chalk and painted it with Annie Sloan in Old White.  I am so excited for my DEER ole hubby to come home and find this deer painting greeting him as he walks in the front door! 

Maybe we should name him.  Do you have any suggestions?

If you're wondering about the chair, I am thrilled that this came from my childhood home, and I was able to give it new life so it can have a place in my own living room.  Find the chair before {HERE}.

Sorry it's been so long! I have been doing a few volunteer projects, and I have begun to stage homes for a sweet realtor friend on the side.  What a blessing!

Keep up, Honey!

Linking up to The Rustic Pig.


  1. Your deer turned out so cute! I love your blog! New visitor.Can't wait to look around.

  2. Ahhh!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! I was just looking at your newest post and was like... uh... check it out... she copied my deer painting!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I'm gonna cry! It looks FABULOUS in your house!!!!! Now to go tell you my thoughts on that table... Hugs!! Claire

  3. Oh, I absolutely love it! (The silhouette turned out great on the chalkboard.)


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