Friday, May 10, 2013

Adding Color to Your Living Room

Recently, I have had the amazing privilege to stage homes for a realtor and her clients.  It has been such an honor to be trusted with playing up the best spaces in a home to show the buyer their future home sweet home.  It is always a pleasant feeling to see room ideas come to life and showcase a home, especially when the homeowner says, "I wish I had done this years ago. "

Whether you are selling your home or just wanting to evoke the home sweet home vibe you can feel when you see decorated homes on blogs and Pinterest, I have a few guidelines that will make color breathe life into your living room.  First, let me say I am not against neutrals or all-neutral rooms.  For some people, that is the epitome of comfort.  I have an affinity for neutrals AND colors, and so I'd love to show you how you can make them work together.

Paint Colors

I love bold colors.  I even love bold walls, but if your selling a home or plan to move in the next five years, the best investment for your time and money is a neutral paint color.  Even if you're a bold kind of person, consider that if the entire room is bold, the ability to accent may be lost.  I'll explain more about that in a minute.

Here are some beautiful neutrals by Benjamin Moore that can serve as a great canvas for bold accessories.  Don't forget that most hardware stores can make colors to match, so don't be afraid to ask!


The fun of contemporary style is that colors and patterns can mix for a very fun look.  Check out this mix of pillows I suggested to a client.  OH! How I would love these for my own home!

If you know the colors of the rainbow, you can put together a primary kind of pallet with pillows and not have to worry too much about complimentary colors.  Look at the different textures of the fabric.  To create a beautiful room, develop your eye for texture.  For those who are more tactile than visual, you may have to feel the pillows before you develop an eye for texture.  They should all have a different feel to the touch for the maximum effect.

If your couch or love seat seems like it would be full with all these pillows, then remove the pillows that came with the couch.  They might work well in another room, and you could always create a cover for them out of bold fabrics if your mind is set on them staying.


If your furniture already has a detailed pattern or bold color, you might be thinking you can't work the above arrangement.  If you have a burgundy couch or palm tree patterned love seat, you would be right.  Let me encourage you that if you have a very traditional ornate style, and you're selling your home, consider what kind of future buyer will be considering your home.  A two story with multiple living areas will not likely sell to a retired couple with an ornate style.  No, a couple who is looking to retire may be looking for a condo or one story cottage, so the people walking into your home may be young families looking for maximum space and room to grow.  This is why I am begging you to consider covering your couch with a neutral color.


Source: Pottery Barn

This surprisingly affordable solution comes from Pottery Barn who has begun making loose fitting slipcovers.  Starting at $99, you can get a cover that will conform to many different shapes.

Another reason for adding a white or cream colored slip cover is that black and white elements are needed in the room to "ground" the color mixture and make it work.

Accent Furniture

You can use an accent color on a furniture piece to tie together the colors.  Check out this ottoman from Home Goods! It even opens up for storage.  All your remote, game system, DVD clutter can go right inside! Insert opera high note: AHHHHHHHH!

I seriously wish I had purchased all of this goodness for my own home, but I hope my client loves it and uses it to sell her home for top dollar.  If you want to a resource for more home staging ideas, I'd love for you to follow my STAGING board on Pinterest.  Thanks for stopping by Howdy Honey!

Keep up, Honey!
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  1. Love those pillows Beja!!

    xo, Tanya

  2. Those pillows are wonderful. I love the beige slipcover too. Makes the couch look so clean and crisp. Thanks for sharing with us!


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