Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Texas Wildflowers

The wildflowers this year make my heart swoon! Texas usually gets a dose of wildflowers each spring, but nothing in my memory compares this year.  We have had an unusually cool May, and my eyes are grateful for this natural beauty that I made it my mission to capture before the threat of severe weather and tornadoes arrives this afternoon.  As I sought to escape news stories about devastating tornadoes for awhile, I remembered an event from a few years ago that took place precisely where the next picture was taken.

A few years ago, this prairie was covered in red, orange, and yellow, but it wasn't flowers.  It didn't take long until black covered the ground from a wildfire.  I live a short drive from here, and I'll never forget the feeling of my heart dropping to my stomach when I answered the phone and it was a reverse 911 call telling people in my area to evacuate homes.  Looking at the beauty you see here, it's harder to imagine fighting the threat of losing homes and 3 schools full of children.  Thankfully, people were safe, but the devastation was real.

I share, not to give just another commentary to add to the sensationalism surrounding tragedy, but because there is hope of a new day and a new season where life is restored.

When disaster comes your way, don't lose hope.

Keep up, Honey! 

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