Friday, July 5, 2013

Boho Chic Bedroom Makeover: LOVE Sign

The typography says exactly how I feel about this hand painted sign! Making use of my pallet wood pile, this literally went from trash to treasure.  The other thing to LOVE about this sign is that is was FREE to me! Now, time wise, I spent a pretty amount of time getting this wood! Pulling corkscrews out of pallet wood is for the determined DIY'er.  It took me a few hours to break down one pallet.

Next, I broke out my jigsaw and trimmed it down to size.  I cut some 1x2's to adjoin the planks together, and secured them with 1 1/4 inch screws.  Finally, I hand painted the circus-like letters onto the pallet wood and added a picture hanger to the back.

Lest this post makes you think this was easy to accomplish, last night I got stung by a yellow jacket on my pointer finger on my right hand, and it's swollen and painful.  BONUS INJURY! I was trying to remove the clamp off my saw table, and pinched my thumb pretty hard.  It happened so fast that the blood was coming out from under my fingernail before I realized I had been pinched and not cut.

I can't wait to snap a pic of the final destination of this LOVE pallet sign in it's spot above my bedroom window.  I'm making one for the window on my husband's window, too.  It, of course, will say something else.  I'm thinking JOY- a familiar gracious choice we have made through the ups and downs in our 10 year marriage!

I love how all the elements are working together for our Boho Chic Bedroom Makeover! Check out the Howdy Honey Pinterest Board dedicated to this makeover.  I'd love if you would follow it to keep tabs on each project before the reveal.  LOVE that you stopped by Howdy Honey today! THANKS!

Keep up, Honey! 


  1. Girl, you just hand painted those letters on? No overhead projector or some other trick? I am super impressed. My letters always seem to turn out crazy.

    1. I don't know what method you use, but whether it's stenciling, transferring, or freehand, you will get better with practice! The key is to use a fine artist brush for the small details.

      Keep going, Jacqueline!


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