Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Announcing Howdy Honey on Etsy

The day has finally arrived!! We have launched our Etsy store! Howdy Honey has been getting epic traffic due to our printables being shared on Pinterest, so the timing is just right.  In addition to printables, Howdy Honey on Etsy will stock up on hand painted signs.  I just have to figure out the best shipping situation for customers before I start adding hand painted signs.  They're a little heavy.

SQUEAK!!! Y'all I'm so excited.  I just HAD to share what I posted today.  Howdy Honey and herringbone go together like PB&J.  Remember the Herringbone Dresser?  Well, I just want y'all to know that the Howdy Honey tagline, "Boho Chic With a Texas Twang" is for real.  I thought herringbone should combine with bovine.  Miss Matilda here agrees.  She is boho chic and a half.

My talented friend Cara Mae snapped this pic of Matilda you see hanging on my Chalk Paint File Cabinet.  Now with out further a-moo (HAHAHA), here is the herringbone cow print.

I call it "The Cow Says Moo" which is what the caption says in French.  I created this frame and backdrop so people could picture how it my look in a home.  I would certainly love those walls, baseboards, and wood floor.  The frame is pretty awesome, too.  It's available in a PDF and JPG 11x14 digital file.

You can purchase it here >> Howdy Honey on Etsy.

Thanks so much to all the new visitors from Pinterest.  I hope you'll make yourself welcome and indulge yourself in some of the 100+ posts here on Howdy Honey so far.

P.S.  That Boho Living Room Makeover is still underway, and I have an update to my son's room to share soon (the son with the herringbone dresser).

Keep up, Honey! 

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