Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boho Chic Living Room / Eclectic Living Room Makeover Sneak Peek

I know it's all the rage to do all neutral everywhere.  Everyone is painting their walls white.  Everything is burlap inspired.  It's so down to earth.  I love that.  That's not me.  I love color and neutrals, so I use a whole lot of both, y'all.  The truth is that we are all drawn to at least a few colors that we should use as accents.  If you don't believe me, look at your pins to see the two or three colors you pin over and over on clothes and furniture boards.  Because I love that eclectic/boho chic design style, it makes sense to use my favorite colors and buck the trends.

The design for my boho chic on a budget living room makeover was inspired by this door.  A door my sweet friend The Minnie Hart snagged for FREE for me in downtown Grapevine during one of their festivals.  She actually got me two because she REALLY loves me.  I just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE old doors! The character! Don't y'all think this door could tell some stories? Me, TOO! Unfortunately, one story it would tell would be about living outside in the elements without protection until it has big holes in decayed places.

The back of this door would tell the story of how wind blew an amazing amount of dirt and ugly weathering (yes, even a chippy lover would say there is such a thing as ugly weathering in RARE instances).  Inevitably, I will have a comment that someone can't believe I got two antique doors for free, and I will tell you that except for the generous love of The Minnie Hart and for moving them myself and seeing that they were a total safety hazard, I would heartily agree with you.

I had all of my asthma inhalers handy as I cleaned the painted on dirt off the window.  As I started to ponder the age of the door, I really started to consider safety over my heart's desire to leave it as is on the pretty side.  The thing with old paint is that it could have lead in it.  I kept picturing my boys playing football in the house and busting head open on it and getting lead poisoning.

I didn't want to prime due to the lead possibility, so I did a few coats in Barcelona Orange in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  It was only a sample pot, and so I did use acrylic after it ran out.  I still haven't gotten the desired coverage, but I also love the idea of leaving it imperfect, so not much more orange left to paint.  I just love the look of a theatre set for a play with the drama of the layered paint on doors and furniture.  Seriously, local civic theatre or big city opera production, it's all the same beautiful depth via layers of paint.  Too bad the theatre patrons would take issue with my appreciation via photographs during a production, or I'd do a whole post on it.

Check out this beautiful sham that I got at my fave store The Plaid Peacock.  I hope your computer screen gives you an accurate view of the beautiful yellow this is.  Whenever I uploaded it, I got more of a chartreuse rather than happy sunshine color on my screen.  I spent all my birthday money on pillows. I can't wait to show you how it will all tie together in a boho rainbow!

This end table painted in French Enamel & Kitchen Scale Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint will have a totally different look with her new surroundings.  I just have to say that I feel like my eclectic tastes will finally mesh together for a beautiful design instead of looking like hand-me-down hell.  Don't get me wrong, I ain't spending beaucoups of money on it.  I never do.  In fact, most of the furniture I own ARE hand-me-downs and garage sale finds.  I just have finally figured out how to make the hand-me-downs go with my style flow.

Another fabulous freebie find by The Minnie Hart, I painted this coffee table in ASCP Old White.  This baby is staying because she is SO my style.  You'll just have to be sure to come back for a glimpse at the rug that I got at a place where you think boho chic doesn't belong! Believe me when I say you'll be shocked to be wrong!

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Keep up, Honey! 


  1. Love all the pieces! I just bought some barcelona orange and will be trying ASCP for the first time! Did you wax all of your pieces? I am painting a (cheapo) console table that has a dark finish. I don't know if I want more dark with the dark wax. Do you have a look you like more? Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for your sweet words. I generally have waxed all my pieces. One thing I will say about choosing wax- if you are going to use on top of Barcelona Orange, I don't think you'll want to use dark wax. Dark wax looks great straight on Graphite, but if you're applying it to other colors, you'll want to use clear first. I hope that helps. I really love so many colors with the dark wax, but I particularly love it on top of Graphite, and on clear waxed Duck Egg pieces.

  2. Hi Beja, I think you've made magic with dat door. It looks beautiful. I am a new member. Just found your blog today and I am enjoying reading it. Cheers!!

    1. Thanks for following, Zalika! I can't wait to share the finished door. I just need to finish it first ;D.


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