Monday, November 11, 2013

Boho Chic Living Room Makeover: FLY Sign

Ready for some straight talk? I have never in my adult life really loved the look of my living room, but I'm getting closer to tuning it to what I'd consider to be my style.  The art I painted above is the glue that holds all the pieces together.

It piece itself is actually two art pieces I created joined together.  The original piece that is the breakthrough piece for the room leveled up this afternoon.  Here it is at the experiment level as two different pieces.  I used my Kreg Jig to combine the two pieces.

Birds are significant to our family since there are so many scriptures that have spoken right to our hearts using the imagery of birds.  In particular, Matthew 6:25-34 is a passage we clung to when the seeming source of our income disappeared a few years ago.

The birds don't plant food or harvest.  They weren't designed to do that.  Our Heavenly Father feeds them.  Our circumstances were screaming worry, but those verses were our daily strength for those months when things were uncertain.  Worrying won't add a single hour to your life.  I needed a reminder of that again today, so I'm so glad this little bird is on the wall to remind me.  All I need to do is fly.

I've still got work to do before sharing this entire wall, but it's getting closer to matching the boho/eclectic vision that dreams are made of.  My dreams anyway! I will be painting some more like this for my Etsy store if you're interested.  Convo me if you don't see it listed yet, and I'll get you all taken care of.

Keep up, Honey! 


  1. That's a very nice piece of art. Thanks for sharing. I am gonna try it too. Though I am a very bad painter.. Lets c what I come up with :)


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