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Anthropologie for Less: Anthro on a Peasant Budget

You must love Anthro as much as me.  I can tell.  If you clicked this post, then you also have a budget. Seriously.  Could anything cramp your style more than a budget? Actually, yes.  I actually believe that having a low budget is a constraint that can bring about decorative success.  It can also lead to a more eclectic and BOHO CHIC style.  Anthropologie is very good at marketing to people with those style preferences.

How can a little ole country girl afford to shop there? Get creative and patient.  I hope these tips make your Anthropologie dreams come true!!!

1. If you have just $5 to spend at Anthropologie

If you have a budget of $5 each pay period for your Anthropologie budget, you can purchase one of these Latte Bowls at full price.  Seriously, you could trade your brand name cereal and sandwich baggies and purchase one of these vibrant colored bowls without digging deep into your budget.

You should know that the colors offered change often, so check the sale area for bowls that are marked down.  The purple, dark brown, and chartreuse colored bowls were an after Christmas find at $3 each!

2.  If you have just $12 to spend at Anthropologie

Source: Anthropologie
You can get a spoon rest.  I would have shared the spoon rest I personally own, but it's not available anymore, and so I wanted to have one available with an accurate price.  We keep ours out on the stove, and it has held up well going into the dishwasher every time it is dirty.  I just love the vibrance and patterns available.  Spoon rests are often on the sale tables at Anthropologie, so you could spend even less.

3.  If you have $24 dollars to spend at Anthropologie

Let's say you got a birthday card with $25.  I'm being for real.  Sometimes mama spent all her money on her necessities because she has a peasant budget, so she uses her birthday money to get a little something to make her heart happy. <----- This is usually the source of my Anthro budget.  Yes.  Just a few times in a blue moon.  I told you it was going to take patience on a peasant budget.  Waiting can be absolutely key!!!

I bought these Rivulets King Shams for $24.99 a few years ago (regular $128).  Yes.  I realize that was a few years ago, but they still sell Rivulets bedding.  What you need to know is that they add different colors seasonally, and they put the old colors on sale.  This is why it's super duper important to be patient.  If you really can't afford full price, you should put aside what you can afford and put it in and wait to spend it until the day you check their website and find it at rock bottom.  Seriously.  That is the secret formula.  WAIT.  The thing about Anthropologie, is that they are going to continue to offer things that fit your style.  You might not be able to be perfectly choosy about what color, but if you're a boho girl like me, you love all the colors of the rainbow and use them ALL at the same time.

There are plenty of ways you can spend $24 on kitchen items (or KITCHEN SALE ITEMS).  You won't necessarily have to wait for those items to go on sale with an extra 50% off to purchase them.

4.  If you have $100 give or take to spend at Anthropologie

You my friend have either been saving, or you have received cash from a grandmother (or two) for a gift.  Maybe you had a garage sale.  You've got $100, and you know what you want to do-- splurge on the Anthropolgie bedding you have been wanting for so long.  The only problem is that it's $200, and it's not on sale.  Let's throw caution to the wind and assume that out of all the Anthro bedding available, you find most of it beautiful.  In order for this to work, you'll have to be flexible or super duper patient.

If you're flexible, you will happen upon a $100 duvet or quilt in no time.  Many times, the stores have bedding on sale that is not advertised on the website.  Maybe it's an online return or an item that isn't available anymore.  Other times, you'll check the website and you'll find that a duvet or quit is on sale for $150-$200 dollars but you are given a coupon code for 25-50% off sale prices for home items.  This is exactly how I purchased the quilt below at an after Christmas event.  First everything went for an extra 20% off the sale price, then a week later, it was %50 off the sale price.

Source: Anthroplogie

I paid less than $100 for this quilt in a King Size with shipping.  Yes.  I will have to do some creative accessorizing to make the Rivulets shams work, but I'm going to be patient! I already love it even though they're mismatched.

Let me just plug a little project really quick.  I already created a headboard that matches this bedding perfectly! I just have to have Mr. Howdy Honey's help to get it on the wall.  Here's what I am talking about (a post from long ago):

While I started this makeover long ago, it's seriously going to be exactly my style.  That's the thing about being patient.  It pays off! Now if you have a room like Scrooge McDuck where you can swim in the money, well you just go ahead and pay full price! Hopefully, I can get this project completed by the weekend.  We shall see!

Keep up, Honey! 

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