Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hand Me Down Furniture & Getting Featured on Bob Vila

I am so thrilled to be featured by author Jane Dagmi on Bob Vila today.  You should head over there to see these fabulous makeovers.  I grew up watching This Old House with my parents, and I loved how Bob always inspired people to take on projects.  My own parents had a DIY approach to decorating the home where we lived.  This dresser was first my hand me down that my mom painted for me.

I want to encourage people who do not have the budget to buy the 7 piece nursery set.  You are NOT LESS than your peers who can.  Instead of shopping with a big budget, you get to shop your brain for creative ideas.  Hand me down furniture has a STORY.  I love how artfully Jane was able to succinctly describe how it's been riddle by BB guns and sponge painted, but it is now an heirloom.

When I was moving out on my own, I was given an end table that was my grandparents.  Now, it probably came from Montgomery Ward.  It had the appearance of wood in the form of something like a laminate sticker placed on top as the finish.  When I was 20, I spray painted it a neutral color.  It was my first furniture makeover.

My sweet Nana isn't aware that I painted it, or she was too appalled to say something.  You might look at this and see something too outdated to save, but I have a plan to bring it up to date.

Let me be candid.  I stayed at home with my kids, and that was a gift.  Staying at home meant that I wouldn't have the budget my friends had to go to the furniture store and buy the seven piece living room set.  I felt a little less than with rooms of hand me downs.  I don't feel that way anymore.  The truth is that there is power in showing your kids how to give something new life.  There is power in using your creativity to bring together an eclectic look with hand me downs and thrift store furniture.  

Are there any readers out there who are living in handmade heaven like us?

Keep up, Honey! 


  1. Congrats on your feature girl! You totally deserve it! xoxo

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