Thursday, February 13, 2014

Free Deer Themed Printable Valentines

As a girl, I know that we like to make things pretty.  As a proud Boy Mom, I know that once the candy comes off the valentine, they are pretty much ready for the trash.  For that reason, I don't want to spend $5 plus the cost of candy.  I created these A-DEERABLE Valentines so they could be printed at home with black ink.  BOOM! How cheap and easy is that? And I'm going to make use of them with stuff I already have at home to make them pretty enough for my own pride without breaking the bank or cramping my boys' masculinity.  I just thought you might be like us, so I'm sharing this as a FREEBIE!

I'll add pictures after I do something fun with them, like attach them to a paper bag with something cheap and fun inside.  Or not.

I would love to hear how you use these! Be a DEER and leave a comment or PIN IT!

Keep up, Honey! 

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