Y’all have heard about my friend Minnie who calls me when she does a little curbside pickup, and we’re not talking about Chili’s.  A few years ago, she picked up the sweet little cabinet you see above and she texted me, and I was over the moon that it was F-R-E-E.  Well, this sweet mama has been in therapy in my garage restoring her self-esteem by talking to the other misfit furniture out there.  She had suffered the wrath of teenage angst.

Have you ever noticed how makeover or weight loss comparison photos have an ugly before, not just because of the need for a makeover but for the appearance of dramatic effect the lighting is horrible, the worst angle is chosen, and the person isn’t wearing a smile.  I’d say the same about our little friend here.    As if the stickers and wear and tear weren’t harsh enough, I took this photo at night under fluorescent lighting with an iPhone (2 generations outdated) for drama.  I even watermarked it.  I do love dark furniture, but this was a sad piece of furniture who’d been kicked to the curb.

First, I created my own chalk paint from a sample of OOPS paint from Home Depot.  It lightened the color to a blue I wasn’t expecting.  Next, I perused through samples for the best color.  When I found this light gray, I was in love with how the blue complimented it!

As you can see, I replaced the glass with chicken wire.  I absolutely love the distressed edge on the shelf.  The colorful bowls and poisson coffee mug are from Anthropologie.  The blue coffee cups were part of our Noritake Colorwave place settings we received as wedding gifts.  I love how the colors all pop off one another.

Do you know what I love about the idea of a coffee station? When you have guests, you can direct them to self serve the coffee, and they don’t have to feel lost in the kitchen looking for cups, and it doesn’t even have to stay in the kitchen! It could go in a bedroom, dining room, living room, or game room.  Having said all that, it’s gonna be hard to part with this sweet coffee station.

If I do intend on selling furniture instead of hoarding it, then the pleasure must go to someone else.

I honestly get excited at the possibility that someone will share how perfectly it fits in an empty nook in their home.  What’s really funny is that the best selling Howdy Honey sign is this Beastie Boys coffee sign, and I don’t even drink coffee! Also, have a look at the best Keurig coffee maker reviewed by CoffeDX.


Mr. Howdy Honey, though, loves coffee.  I love the smell of coffee.  It’s heavenly.

Maybe I might venture into building a cabinet like this from scratch for our house.  Here’s to dreaming & coffee!


Keep up, Honey! 

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