Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday: Style Inspiration at The Nesting Place and Domain XCIV

Welcome to Wanderlust Wednesday: a look at where Howdy Honey has been this week.

Children of the 80s know the climatic moment in the Reading Rainbow theme where the woman sings, "I can go ANYWHERE!" Well, I went to a place of peace reading The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith in two short sessions last week.  It is unlike any home decor read ever.  You absolutely have to read it.  I went somewhere in my heart in those pages that resonated with my goal- to make my home and help others make their homes a place where others experience freedom.

Myquillyn's unique voice brings an honesty that goes into a new frontier- recounting her journey of discontent that women can experience that really can poison a home until she brings you to a place where you have a coming to Jesus with your own discontent.  Rather than a book of very specific impossible suggestions and tutorials, The Nesting Place kindles a love for imperfection with what's available to you.  This book will remain on my coffee table, and my heart will reference it often when it goes out of focus again.  It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Our second Wanderlust Wednesday destination is Domain XCIV (say "Domain 94" [you're welcome from your Latin Honor Society member]) a decor shop in downtown Fort Worth.  I was on the hunt for a particular something, and Domain XCIV happens to be a retailer.  More on that in a minute.  First, let's talk about the feast for the eyes.  The styling is of this armoire is dreamy! I'll be on the hunt for some beautiful vintage blue jugs now to mix in with my own vintage books.  The height of this space is brought to full glory with the clock and armoire.  And the red chairs! What a fun punch of color.

I love the dimension and scale of this wall.  It's shouting COPY ME PLEASE! The peacock colored dresser is truly gorgeous, especially against the black wall.  Notice the use of the mirrored frames and light from the candles and lamps as a way to bring life to the space.  The black backdrop does not bring a loss of scale like people used to presume dark colors would.

I'm a sucker for this blue.  I have considered painting the big dresser in my master bedroom this color for years.  This might have sealed the deal.  It's a totally different style, but that's not important to copy. What begs to be replicated in this room is the use of color with the dresser against the chair, the repetition in the wall gallery, and the herringbone patterned floor.  LOVE!

So, the real reason I came to Domain XCIV was to get my hands on some paint I have been yearning to try- Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint.  I will do a whole post on this amazing stuff! I bought this lovely red called "Charm School" that was begging to be an accent color in our boho chic living room makeover.

Isn't it DREAMY? I do have to point out how I'm embracing the imperfection since reading The Nesting Place.  I'm not tempted in the least to paint over this end table due to the crayon markings you see.  We live here.  By the way, the end table you see was painted awhile back, and I haven't revealed this room because it's not finished.  It's the slow decorating principal come to life.

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Keep up, Honey!

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