Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Alamo, Gulf Coast, and Vintage Color Inspiration

It's hard to fathom that the Spanish came upon this land in 1691.  The missions in San Antonio date back to 1718.  For Texans, it's unique to have something so rich in history in the middle of a city.  It really is a wonder! My kids have been obsessed with it the last year.

While we were in San Antonio, my brother took us to the coolest place for breakfast.  My favorite wall inside Green at the Historic Pearl Brewery was their use of repurposed light fixtures.

Don't you love it?!?!? I love the color combinations.  It gives me a real feel how to use my two favorite colors together.  I keep imagining all the discarded treasures that I could paint to do a grouping like this.

Oh! And check out the space Green calls home. This is a renovated brewery two shakes of a lamb's tail from downtown San Antonio that hosts a farmer's market, retail, restaurants, and events.

On to the Gulf Coast! Check out the beautiful colors of the houses on Crystal Beach.

I don't know about you, but I'm all inspired to bring some color into my house.  In fact, by total accident, I somehow fumbled onto the idea of searching for a bright colored dutch oven like my Nana used to cook up a storm.  Her food always tasted better.  She said it was because people are in to big of a hurry.  She would make a giant pot of macaroni and cheese or cook up some dewberries for cobbler.  And now this sweet pleasure is on it's way to my kitchen!

I got this vintage Club 4.5 quart Dutch Oven for $25.  That's a steal.  I always wanted a La Crueset because of the pop of color they bring to a kitchen (and the ability to cook up a storm)! I am content with this eBay find.  I have a little kitchen reno brewing, so stay tuned for the goodness.  Where do you find color inspiration?

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