Friday, September 5, 2014

Whipping Up Handmade Goodness for LOOT Vintage Market

It's been quiet on the blog here lately.  Our family has had a crazy fun summer, but it had its curve balls to boot (like that concussion I'm still recovering from).  Just wanted to give a quick shout this week so you can see what in the world is being created around these parts.

Right now all efforts are going toward LOOT Vintage Market in Fort Worth, Texas 
September 26-28 at Texas Motor Speedway.  The Etsy shop is temporarily shut down as Howdy Honey prepares for this amazing opportunity.

Here's one of my new faves.  I love it so much, I'm keeping one myself.  These letters are about 15" high, so it makes for an amazing eye catcher in your kitchen or dining room. After LOOT, I'll add it to the shop in time for you to get one before Thanksgiving.

BE BRAVE will show up in a variety of colors, but this one is the current fave.

Here is another group of tribal beauties that are coming along.  They just need to be framed.

Chalkboards, reclaimed pallet arrows, a few seasonal things, kitchen decor, stuff for your gallery wall.  It's been a lot of fun to crank out these creations.  As we step into full gear, you might get one more post on the blog as we prepare, so be sure to keep up on Instagram found below.  Here's a poster for you to share and link to buy a ticket to the event which will include shopping all 3 days with all the jury picked vendors, a fashion show a concert, and a movie and other amenities.

Don't miss it! Here's where you can 

Keep up, Honey!

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