Thursday, October 9, 2014

Be Brave.


This is why I love the business God has gifted to me.  This is a picture of my best encourager and sweet  friend Lisa's daugther's room.  Molly has the coolest style so it's an honor to be on her wall, and I love the way Lisa knows how to encourage her daughter- BE BRAVE.  It's a legacy that Lisa is passing on to her daughters and all that know her.  She knows just exactly how to speak to my soul when I need encouragement in using my gifts.

She bought these at Loot Vintage Market- an event she cheered me to do.  She also is the woman behind my best selling sign.  Yeah, this Beastie Boys inspired one- I like my sugar with coffee & cream.  This example below was used in this awesome vignette by my talented friend Tiffany from decoRevolution! She also cheers me on to keep going when I feel like business has taken the joy out of my creativity.  This beauty below could have never happened without Tiffany and Lisa.

Lisa totally is the brains behind her amazingly personalized Subway Art Birthday/Anniversary/Birthplace Dresser.  All members of their family are represented in these dates and places.  Honored that Lisa thought I could make this happen.  I wasn't sure, but she didn't give up on me.

I'm so thankful for my friends who tell me to BE BRAVE, pushing me to try what I don't think I can accomplish.  They are sent from heaven! And so are all my loyal readers

I'm on this train of thought for a reason: this is what I strive to do in your homes- give you a reason to remember that this life is good.  Whether that be with a laugh or encouragement, that's what Howdy Honey style is all about.

Stay tuned for the anticipated re-opening of the Etsy shop, a recap of Loot Vintage Market, and a few BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS.

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