Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes are composed of the three macronutrients which are fat, carbohydrates and protein. Most health fanatic vary the according to their body needs, for instance, there are people who are into low-carbs diet, so what they do is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the shakes. There are some who wants it lower in fat because they are being careful with their calorie intake. There are those who want a very well rounded shake so they try to have a balance of everything. Meal replacement shakes usually contains 200 -400 calories per each serving. This is already the average amount of calorie that you can get if you eat five times a day.

If you want to maintain or build your muscles, this could not help you maintain the muscles that you want, since muscle building needs that much calorie intake for the process. However, you could depend on meal replacement shakes to build muscles, provided that you eat different sources of whole food too. If you want to gain weight, then you could not rely on meal replacement shakes alone, you have to add this on what you are currently eating so that you can get enough calories and at the same time keep you from over stuffing due to eating whole foods. If you keep on struggling packing up 4000 calories each day to your body, you can definitely try have a couple of shakes a day to help you get the required calorie intake without making it hard for yourself. Furthermore, since these shakes are unlike any other shake that can really make you gain so much weight, it will not make your insulin run through because of all the sugar content of the traditional shakes.

There are meal replacement shakes readily available now in the market, however, it is much better if you could make your own; it is just so simple anyway. One easy and very common recipe for meal replacements is combining protein powder, dextrose, raw oats, and nuts (chopped very fine), and then add some sweeteners or preservatives to make the taste good enough to drink. When you prepare it yourself, you will have the option of controlling the calorie content of your shake, so it is really much ideal if you make it yourself.

Meal replacement shakes are really good if you want to gain muscles, but you should never stop eating the regular meal that you usually have everyday. It is not right to just depend on the drink alone, to get the result quickly; this is not how it goes. Follow the proper intake of this drink, and you can be sure that you will get that nice and healthy body that you are longing for.